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About us

Magazine «Animal husbandry of Russia» is published since 1999. It is a science-and-practical magazine for executive managers and specialists in agricultural sector. 

Goes monthly, except August. Additionally, the following special issues are published: 

  • Poultry (December)
  • Pigs (June)
  • Dairy and beef cattle (September)

«Animal husbandry of Russia» is a magazine for executive managers and specialists who need to receive topical information and be up on the innovation in the livestock sector.

Regular subjects:

  • Poultry
  • Pigs
  • Dairy cattle
  • Beef cattle
  • Feed
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Animal breeding
  • Technology and equipment
  • Exhibitions

Subscription indexes in Rospechat catalog: 

  • one year — 80705
  • six months — 79767


Our advantages

1. SUBSCRIPTION. Executive managers and specialists of agribusiness use our magazine as a handbook. This is a guarantee that information of our partners published in the magazine will be read and advice will be followed.

2. FREQUENCY. Journalists and editors choose topical and interesting materials for the readers on a monthly basis to keep them informed on the innovation in the livestock sector.

3. TOPICAL ISSUES. Since 2007 we have been making special issues on poultry, pigs, dairy and meat cattle, «To veterinarian’s desktop» (first issue in 2015). We select most useful articles on each livestock subsector for you and combine them in one issue to be sent to all large farms using a proven database.

4. QUALITY OF EDITORIAL PORTFOLIO. Quality of the articles is highly appreciated by our subscribers. The magazine is read by 10-15 staff at the farms. They collect the issues and use them as a reference book. Therefore, our readership is much greater than our circulation.

5. IN THE CENTRE OF EVENTS. To stay in profession, one needs to follow changes in the market very closely. The magazine is an exhibitor of the pacesetting and important agrimarket events in Russia and abroad.

6. AFFORDABLE PRICES. Active presence of the leading partner companies enables us to keep affordable subscription price for several years — smaller than in other sectoral media.


Technical requirements for advertisement 

Files are accepted in the following ways:

  • by email; 
  • link to the file sharing site.


1/2 185 х 125 mm
1 page A4 210 х 290 mm
2 pages (fold cover) 412 х 290 mm
1st cover 180 х 233 mm 



For all adverts you have to add 3-5 mm on each side (e.g. for page A4, trim + bleed — 220 x 300 mm). The distance to the text or useful information must be at least 10 mm from the edge of the strip. 

  1. Advertisement can be provided in .eps, .tif, .jpg (maximum quality) or .pdf (press quality) formats.
  2. For vector files: text must be converted to curves.
  3. Raster graphics: 300 dpi, CMYK. Files in format .tif, .jpg (maximum quality).


Technical requirement for articles

  • Articles are provided in .doc, .docx, .rtf. One page includes 4300 symbols with spaces, 2 pages — 10 300 symbols with spaces.
  • Images should be provided separately in .jpg, .pdf, .tif.
  • Tables, diagrams or graphs — in .xls

Advertisement in magazine «Animal Husbandry of Russia (monthly and topical issues)


1/2 of page

185 х 125 mm

500 €

1 page

210 х 290 mm

1000 €


2 pages

210 х 290 mm

2000 €




1st cover

2nd cover

3rd cover

4th cover

180 х 233 mm

210 х 290 mm

210 х 290 mm

210 х 290 mm

2200 €

1900 €

1600 €

1700 €


2 pages

412 х 290 mm

3000 €


2 pages

420 х 290 mm

1600 €



Dear partners! Pay attention to positions in the price-list. The magazine has no special prices for publishing articles or advertisement. You are available to book pages inside and make a decision about publishing article or advertisement on your own. 

You can publish article for 2 pages free of charge as a bonus, only if you book one of the covers. 

We provide you service of design advertisement for your company. Extra payed.

If you have any questions, please, mail to


Editorial board «Animal Husbandry of Russia»