Animal Husbandry of Russia

«Animal Husbandry of Russia» is published since 1999. It covers dairy and beef cattle farming, pig farming, poultry farming, veterinary medicine, feed production and animal feeding, technique and equipment.

The magazine is also known in foreign countries. The key subscribers of the magazine are large livestock enterprises (breeding farms, pig factory farms, poultry factories, cattle feed and dairy units). Each copy of the magazine is read by 10-15 persons; therefore, our influence is much greater than the print run.

«Animal Husbandry of Russia» is distributed only by subscription. If the interests of your company include agrobusiness, veterinary medicine, or animal science – you are welcome to place your advertisement in our magazine.

Our subscription indices in Rospechat Catalog:

annual –  80705, 6-month – 79767

One can subscribe for the magazine starting from any coming month in any post office.

The magazine is published monthly, except № 8 (August).

We accept orders for placing announcements and advertisements.


Inside the magazine

1/4 page (90x125mm)

1/2 page(185x125mm)

1 page (213x290 mm)

300 €

500 €

1000 €

Hard-sided page

2 pages (420х290 mm)

2000 €


1st page (180x230 mm)

2nd page (213x296 mm)

3rd page (213x296 mm)

4th page (213x296 mm)

2200 €

1900 €

1600 €

1700 €

Folded cover

2 pages (420x290 mm)

3000 €

Central spread

2 pages (420х290 mm)

1600 €

Hard-sided central spread

4 pages

3200 €


The payment is to be effected either in euro or in the rubles at the Central Bank of Russia exchange rate. There is no VAT.

The layout is produced by the editorial staff at extra charge, at a negotiated price.


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